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Bio fire

Lovter - Lipowa 3 | 30-702 Kraków | Phone: +48 504 455 825

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The dangerous contamination of the atmosphere keeps on increasing, so we should start applying ecological solutions in our everyday life as soon as possible. Bio fire can be considered one of them, as it allows us to enjoy the charm of a real flame without producing poisonous smoke. It is very easy to obtain, as you just have to fill an iron cartridge with ethanol and place it in a hearth. More information on this subject can be found on You can also browse an online shop to see which model suit your needs best.

Ethanol fireplace

Everyone who wants to add an original addition to their house, will certainly enjoy bio fire. An ethanol fireplace will make every venue seem warmer and more cosy. Lovter company offers fireplaces in variety of shapes and sizes, in order for you to adjust it to the room of your choice. In comparison to regular fireplaces, they do not emit harmful substances and do not require ventilation. This characteristics allow them to be used in a varied way – they can be an extraordinary decoration of a wall or even a table.

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