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MPack Poland Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. - Sobiekursk 26a | 05-480 Karczew | Phone: +48 22 780 05 00

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MPack specialises in producing plastic tubes used as containers for various substances. The company constantly improves their collection of products, introducing new, more efficient machines and increasing the qualifications of their employees. The clients can count on their professional help, as well as an individual approach to their needs and expectations. The team speaks fluent English, German and Polish, which is why brands from many different countries choose their assistance. Each commission is made with great precision with no delays, because the manufacturer is also responsible for delivering it to the client on time.

Tube Creator

The plastic tube, offered by MPack, is a quality container, suitable for storing food, reactive substances and many more. The materials used for their creation have been thoroughly tested and are equipped with dedicated certificates. The company makes sure each order meets the client's expectations and needs, therefore allows a great deal of personalisation. To customise the containers, the buyer can visit the website and use the Tube Creator - a simple and easy tool or get in touch with the designers employed by MPack.

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