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Publishing a link to a website in a digital database, beneficial as it is, should be approached rationally. Nowadays, the quality of a list of companies is much more important than the amount of locations where a site appears. The criteria which should be considered while choosing a valuable database are: a type of the published links, data validity and industry versatility. Placing a reference to a company on such relevant portal may highly improve a website's ranking in Google search engine, so online advertising should definitely be taken into account.

Thanks to the endless possibilities that a post in a database provides entrepreneurs with, practically every kind of business may experience its advantages. Not only local companies are often searched for by Internet users, because e-commerce is still very popular. You can buy almost everything online now: starting from food, medicines or clothes, through electronics, decorative products or even insurance policies. Moreover, many services are performed on the Internet, without the necessity for personal contact, such website development, programming, magazine subscriptions or even remote trainings and courses.

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